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 Come Table Grilling at Vier Hoog Eindhoven and enjoy a cozy meal with friends, family, or colleagues. 


Your mouth will definitely water when you come table grilling at the restaurant of Vier Hoog Eindhoven!


Our table grilling package includes an extensive buffet of delicious meats, various types of vegetables, salads, sauces, as well as delightful bread and the crispiest fries. And dessert is not forgotten, as you can scoop unlimited servings of various ice cream flavors with toppings yourself.


You are your own chef because each table has its own table grill!

€30,50 per person

Children's Price (Max. 12 years) €21.50

Kids aged 0 to 3 years eat with their parents.

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Add a delicious fish trio to your table grilling arrangement.

The fish trio consists of:

  • Victory bass fillet

  • Pangasius fillet

  • Salmon fillet

(Totaling 150 grams)

The fish trio can easily be added to your grill arrangement during online booking.

Additional cost: €7,50

The surcharge is added to the price for table grilling.

Kids from 0 to 3 years old eat with their parents.

Table grilling is fun, but table grilling with an hour of bowling is even more fun! With this combination of a fun activity and delicious food, you'll always have a great time out!


1 hour of bowling &

2 hours of table grilling

Max. 6 people per lane.

Allergies or dietary preferences? Ask our staff about the options.

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