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Bowling & grilling is the perfect combination of a fun activity and a delicious meal, ensuring you always have a great outing!

We don't offer hot stone grilling or gourmet cooking, but at Vier Hoog Eindhoven, you can enjoy delightful table grilling! We explain the difference between these three forms of fun cooking at the bottom of this page.


First, you'll find the details of our delicious Bowling & Grilling package deal below, and you can book this delightful combination of bowling and dining for your group!

Bowlen eindhoven

1 hour of bowling &
2 hours of table grilling

€35,- per person

Children's price (up to 12 years): €26.00
Kids from 0 to 3 years eat with their parents

Restaurant verbouwen (1).gif


At Vier Hoog Eindhoven, you can enjoy table grilling buffet-style. Each table is equipped with its own table grill, and then you can visit the extensive buffet to select your favorite items.


In our extensive buffet, you will find a wide variety of meats, fresh salads, vegetables, delicious bread, crispy fries, and various tasty sauces. And dessert is not forgotten, as you can scoop unlimited servings of various ice cream flavors with toppings yourself.


Feeling hungry already?


If you prefer vegetarian dining, this table grilling option is perfect for you! We make sure you won't miss out on anything with this delightful vegetarian table grill package.


You can specify the number of people who would like to enjoy a vegetarian meal when making the reservation, and we'll take care of the rest! Of course, a separate table grill is provided so that the meat can be cooked separately.


Would you like to include some delicious seafood with your table grilling?

For an additional €7.50, you can order a delightful seafood trio with your package, including (a total of 150 grams of): victoriabaarsfilet, pangasiusfilet, and salmon fillet.

You can add the seafood trio to your reservation online only, and it's easy to do so.

€7,50 per person

Nieuw Restaurant


Hot stone grilling, gourmet cooking, table grilling, and even teppanyaki. These forms of "fun cooking" are often used interchangeably, including in combination with bowling. They all have one thing in common: you are the chef! But there are certainly some differences too!


As the name suggests, with hot stone grilling, you literally cook your food on a (salted) hot stone. The downside is that you might get more salt on your food than you'd like, and the stone needs to stay very hot to prevent sticking. When it comes to gourmet cooking, you use small pans in combination with a larger griddle. And we all know those small pans can be quite awkward.


Table grilling simply uses a metal griddle, also known as a teppanyaki. No hassle with small pans or a stone that isn't hot enough. Just simple, easy, and enjoyable!

Feeling like enjoying some easy and fun table grilling with an hour of bowling?

€35,- per person

 Don't feel like being your own chef with Bowling & Grilling?
Go for a delightful
Satay Bowling! 


Combine a delicious main course of satay with one of our favorite activities: bowling.

Main Course Satay &
1 hour of bowling

€21,50 per person

Wednesday & Thursday

Reservations are available from 4 people.

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